Indies Monument

The Indies Monument has existed here since 1986. It was erected in memory of all Dutch victims of the World War II Japanese occupation of the former Dutch East Indies (whether civilian or military).

The group of seventeen bronze figures represents the suffering caused to the Dutch by the Japanese occupiers of what is now Indonesia. On the bier in the centre lie the dead, flanked on either side by grieving women. The figures on the outside of the group represent liberation. Reawakened, with heads held high and fists clenched, they stride out bravely into the future. On the far left is a mother urging her child, the younger generation, to step out into a better world.

The trellis behind the figures symbolises both the solidarity between the victims and the wire that surrounded the concentration camps in which they were held. The bell was added to the monument in 1995 to emphasise the hallowed nature of the site.